About the project

The project started in September 2016 and will run for three years. The main objective is to reduce emissions of mercury by further developing the existing technology, increase awareness and develop proposals on guidelines for optimal and efficient maintenance of amalgam separators.

Emissions of mercury from dental clinics has declined since amalgam was banned as dental filling material, but the remaining emissions are not negligible. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that there is still 40 tonnes of mercury in the teeth of the Swedish population.

In the fall of  2016 until fall 2017, suctions systems and amalgam separators in the majority of Praktikertjänst’s dental clinics will be examined and screened. See more details at EU's LIFE project site.


Project overview

Reference group

A Reference Group has been established to ensure the quality and environmental level of the project and for disseminating information.  The Reference Group consists of persons who are affected by the results of the project. They are chosen to represent features that take responsibility for the entire chain, from "the handling of amalgam to clean water" - upstream work (stop dangerous substances at source) to the flourishing lakes and oceans in balance. Representatives from The Swedish Dental Association as well as Swedish authorities; The Swedish River Basin District Authorities, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Swedish Chemicals Agency are engaged. Stockholm International Water Institute is also a member of the Reference Group. Nearly all of the members are also engaged in European working groups.

The first Reference Group Meeting was held in August 2017. The second meeting will be held Autumn 2018.

Members in the Reference Group:

Hans Göransson, The Swedish Dental Association
Gerda Kinell, The Swedish River Basin District Authorities
Kristina Svinhufvud, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Anna Fransson, Swedish Chemicals Agency
Anna Nylander, Swedish Chemicals Agency
Nicolai Schaaf, Swedish Water House, Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI

About our partners

Sweden Recycling works with the disposal of mercury-contaminated sludge and other dangerous waste from dental care. Praktikertjänst has an agreement with Sweden Recycling for the treatment of hazardous waste from dental care. 

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is a nonprofit research organization that researches and works with the goal of achieving a sustainable society. As a partner in the project, they ensure that the used methods are reliable.

Publicerad 9 februari, 2017